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Thread: Sick jews torture and murder animals as part of their satanic religion

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    In 1997, a Swiss animal rights activist was sent to prison for opposing the jews' torture and murder of animals:

    Swiss man jailed for anti-Semitism

    A Swiss man has been sentenced to two months in prison for violating the country’s racial hatred laws. The District Court last week handed down the sentence against Erwin Kessler, who wrote in a brochure that the Jewish ritual slaughter of meat is equivalent to the Nazi killing of Jews during World War II.

    Absolutely disgraceful.

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    In the following picture we see an orthodox jew who engages in this torture and murder of chickens, and he's giving the finger to an animal rights protester:

    Picture of the Day: Hasidic Kapparot In Action

    Feces and feathers were everywhere on a public sidewalk and the stench was overpowering.[…] Behind a curtain blowing in the wind, we could see chickens being dismembered. A man wearing a bloody white apron intentionally stomped on an unlucky bird who fell to the ground while trying to get away…" And a hasid used a well-known non-verbal sign to tell an anti-chicken kapparot activist to f-off.

    And the well-known "liberal" jew Jay Michaelson defends the vile, obnoxious orthodox jew:

    Why This Hasid Was Right To Flip the Bird to Kapparot Protester

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    A week ago, the jewish news site JTA published an article in which jews complain about how Western countries won't let them torture and murder animals:

    Why kosher butchers in Western Europe are preparing to close shop

    But like other producers of kosher meat in Western Europe, the Levys are no longer certain of the viability of their business. (...) “All kosher delis, they will be a thing of the past within one generation either because they’re made illegal, suffocated by anti-kosher regulations or defeated by supermarkets.” (...) Jewish and Muslim religious laws require animals be conscious at the time of their slaughter, a custom that animal welfare activists call cruel and anti-Muslim activists say is barbaric.

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    Here's an article that was published yesterday on the jewish news site JTA:

    British county bans ritually slaughtered meat from public schools

    A county in northern England will no longer allow meat that came from the ritual slaughter of animals to be served in public schools, angering Jews and Muslims. (...) Both halachah, the Jewish religious Orthodox law, and Muslim religious law forbid the consumption of animals that are not fully conscious when their necks are cut. If the animals are stunned at the time of the slaughter, the meat is not considered kosher by Jewish standards and halal by Muslim standards. Animal rights activists oppose the custom, calling it cruel. Ultranationalists in Europe also target it.

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