Following Elsie's death, the X-ray of her right leg from November 2015 was re-examined.
It was found that Elsie had suffered two fractures - one near the ankle and one just above the knee.
Dr Sarah Harrison, a consultant paediatric radiologist, believes the injuries are 'the result of trauma', Mr Lewis said.
Dr Nia John, a consultant paediatrician, said it would be 'unusual' to suffer two such fractures in the same fall, the court heard.
A post-mortem examination found Elsie had previous and recent bleeding on both sides of her brain.
She had haemorrhages in both eyes, rib fractures and a fracture to her skull from an 'impact to her head', Mr Lewis told the jury.
Forensic pathologist Dr Stephen Leadbetter found Elsie died from hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy - caused by a lack of oxygen to her brain - following cardiac arrest in a child with acute subdural haemorrhage and a blunt head injury that included fracture of the right lambdoid suture.'

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