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Thread: USA eliminated from World Cup soccer.

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    USA eliminated from World Cup soccer.

    More bad news in the world of pro sports: For the first time in decades, the USA won't be going to the World Cup.

    Trinidad and Tobago scored a pair of first-half goals, and the United States was eliminated with a 2-1 defeat Tuesday night - the first time missing the World Cup since 1986.

    The 28th-ranked Americans needed merely a tie against 99th-ranked Trinidad, which lost its sixth straight qualifier last week.

    Trinidad and Tobago football team photo.
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    Soccer fans in the U.S. (all six of them) will be disappointed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thelastsoberguy View Post
    Soccer fans in the U.S. (all six of them) will be disappointed. I'll just keep slamming door knobs and bed posts.
    Well, that would make anyone grumpy.

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    Bill Hemmer on FOX could not understand how that happened since this Nation has more people. That's right, he thought which team wins is governed by how many people live in the Nation. Apparently the last time he and Shepard Smith played "hide the sausage" he experienced some brain damage.
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