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Thread: Gaddafi retro clip

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    Gaddafi retro clip

    The zenga zenga song came from this, but it is worth watching because it has english translation.
    Regarded as a joke then but what about now?

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    i miss Qaddafi!
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    Damn find some strange stuff.
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    You still have the titty bar, champ?
    Or did you convert it to your
    wife's doctor office?
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    This is completely out of line and rude.
    Mossfern; I agree sq1 owes you an apology, but the line is drawn there.
    Who has ever met Cotton IRL or has been abused by Cotton? Really, are you going to go by the PIgeons word? Silly Yankee.
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    Me either .... I am very very modern and sophisticated.

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    Criminals like the Clintons and Obama cannot operate except in a cloud of confusion and chaos.
    You are, my pilgrims, captains of a badly rocking ship on calm water. No rewards in this lifetime, so get to it.

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    see if anyone pays the US two million per death ever agin.

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