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Thread: Vegas shooting a cover for assasination attempt on Saudi prince in the penthouse.

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    Cool Vegas shooting a cover for assasination attempt on Saudi prince in the penthouse.

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    We need to kill them fuckers. I heard on U-tube the crepto jew saudies are talking about a petro-chiness juan.

    Seems our bankers fuckign kill anyone who fucks with their cash cow.

    When you go all in vs the jew it is a life or death battle to the end.

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    Looks like K just defend a fuckign jew and their money supply they hold over all of us.

    What was the cause?

    I love America, and I am a patriot, and I want to harm anything that fucks with my country and my people.

    IN the heat of the moment I failed, and saw a jew as a citizen.

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    No satisfying motive for Paddock has come forth.

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    In a shocking development Saturday, the Saudi Arabian government arrested prominent billionaire Waleed bin Talal, a member of the royal Saudi family with deep ties to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Arrests were carried out by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s recently-formed anti-corruption committee and included bin Talal, ten senior princes, and dozens of ministers for corruption and money laundering charges.

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    Alex Jones hasn't run with it yet.

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    Hillary knew Qatar and Saudi Arabia were funding ISIL/ISIS from wikileaks

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    Americucks have been told it was a white male with a gun , They are programmed to respond a certain way .

    These same fools voted for shitlary . HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHA

    They believe sandy hooked too ! LOL LOL !!! WHAT IDIOTS AS THEY ARE THE ONES THAT ARE ACTUALLY FUNDING THE TERRORIST !!! They trust the kikes .
    ​Im'a goin south , way down , appalachicola way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy_Tomorrow
    If any of the Saudi tangled theory is true though, it would explain why nobody can identify Paddock's motive for shooting up a crowd. If he wasn't there to kill anyone, there never was a motive.

    Another coincidence on which the Saudi Theory hangs is that the dude staying on the floor below the Saudi Prince just happens to be the gun dealer that the assassins are setting up. How does Paddock just happen to have a suite directly below the Saudi suite without being involved *or* how did an assassination team know Paddock was armed to the teeth in a suite below the Prince? And without security, either Homeland or Saudi, or law enforcement or anyone else knowing Paddock was armed to the teeth in a suite below the Prince?

    There is a Do Not Disturb sign on a suite for a week right below a royal suite and that somehow goes unchecked? All these levels of security, world-class, and an elite professional assassin team. And none of them notice anything that obvious?
    Great post...

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