To get right to the main point ,but only to mention that I've been informed about certain future events that the radical elements of the black race community are planning going forward.

What I've been told is that Blacks have formed small groups of violent criminals , many are US veterans , and are using them to essentially kill Whites this holiday season. Their main targets will be in shopping malls, festive activities, churches , outdoor gatherings and so on. What these groups plan to do is incite police units to a certain area and then to begin sniping them from roof tops. In Particular, African Americans have chosen the NYC police department on which to employ their strategy of indiscriminate murder.

The simple truth is that all soft targets ,if they meet the stringent requirements of the radical black power groups are fair game.

. Especially will be casinos ,including the indian variety as well as theme parks.

Let's be honest do you really need to lose your money in a casino? Why risk your life as well.

Do you really want to risk the lives of your family this Christmas season by attenting the Disneyland theme park.?

Are you really dying to meet the mouse?

A word to the wise is sufficient.