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Thread: Ravi Bhalla, Sikh, wins a NJ mayoral race

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    Ravi Bhalla, Sikh, wins a NJ mayoral race

    Bhalla faced a crowded field of challengers in the race. But he had received the endorsement of outgoing Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, who is stepping down after serving two terms.
    "Thank you for having faith in me, for having faith in our community, faith in our state, and faith in our country; this is what America is all about," he told supporters in his victory speech, according to the Journal.
    Originally Posted by lala

    My Jesus
    Find me o lawdy, I'm ready to shoot myself. I'm tired, soooo tired of shit people. Tired of fighting to live and love. Tired of it ALL. Just tired. I'm close. I really am.


    She served, unlike your fatass self. 1st Cav.
    So thanks for paying respect where its due, cunt.

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    arnt they the ones who used their holiest temple to hide a vast array of weapons?

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