America is on the verge of a major nervous breakdown leading to the mass killing of many thousands and even more.

Here are the reasons and the situation is volatile . To start America has the highest incidence of mental health disability affecting the majority of the population.

In few words, America suffers from more mental health issues than any other country in the world; and for reasons too complicated to explain now.

Secondly, the USA has the highest percentage of gun ownership ,by far, than any other country in the world. More people are gunned down or die due to gun ownership than anything else. Guns include high powered military style AR 15s used in mass murders all across the fruited plain.

Finally, the next major cause of the impending mass murder of Americans ,randomly and motiveless, is the abject and total state of perversion and immorality which has taken control of practically 100% of US citizens.

Taken together ,this is the recipe for the mass murder of ordinary citizens ,simply walking down the street or enjoying a night out or at the movies. These will be random murders and as in any epidemic ,it will spread ;as millions seek revenge by engaging in these senseless acts of brutality and so the disease will spread until the entire nation begins to drown in a sea of blood and mourning.

Sadly I don't have the anti toxin to suggest being used to avert this national disaster. Urging this disaster will be the Jewish people of America chuckling up their sleeves.