Robert Costa 's name may not be exactly a household name, not yet . Costa , journalist for Wash Post and commentator on various talk shows including PBS Washington week is still the new kid on the block, but will soon be the one America will rely on for factual coverage of DC News.

What Costa brings to the table is something no others have thought of or have the knack for; and that is to explain the psychological underpinning of the actions of the political leadership.

This is new, and Costa can bring it across in such a way that keeps viewers glued to the viewing screen . Obviously Robert has a background in psychology and he uses it effectively to reveal not only the controversial tweets or actions of those at the top but how it all falls in line with their psyche and how we can predict the future based on their mental state and psychic motivations. This is a good predictor of future actions.

As far as I know Robert Costa is the only one who can do this in a very compelling and relative sort of way without engaging in a good deal of psychic babble as others are at times inclined to do.

I'd like to see Costa take over the CHARLEY ROSE SHOW. I'm sick of looking at that disgusting Jew lackey . It's time for that scumbag to get outta Dodge.