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Thread: Jewish ‘matchmaker’ brought Prince Harry and his part-black fiancée together

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    The royal family has to walk on eggshells to avoid upsetting the part-black "princess":

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    I forgot about this thread.
    I'm still disappointed in Prince Harry.
    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    So P.T.A. is black, Asian, white, jewish, Muslim...and mulatto? The geniuses of the LDL strike again.
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    I'm an homorary Jew!
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    If I could suck my own cock I would
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post

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    The imported British 'royals' are a jewish family imported to rule England after the real English royal family was murdered by Cromwell using jew money sent from Amsterdam for just that purpose. Now they want any fully white males left in that bedraggled land to copulate with some sort of dung colored woman and finish that failed crushed race off forever on that sorry satanic island. Saying "If an apricoon woman is good enough for the prince, it's good enough for all us whites, right?"
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    The pathetic jew-controlled Britcucks are at it again:

    Ukip members oust Henry Bolton as leader after only five months

    Members of Ukip voted yesterday to sack Henry Bolton, who had been elected only last September as the crisis-hit party’s fourth leader in 18 months. Bolton had been clinging on to the leadership despite a revolt by senior figures after the press reported his relationship with Jo Marney, a model who sent offensive messages about Meghan Markle, the fiancee of Prince Harry.

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