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Thread: The enemy within

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    The enemy within

    [I]t is clear to me now in my 49 years of life that the uber rich are not on our side at all.

    They own all the money they own the politicians they get every single law written in their favor, they make the rule to ship our jobs away and force us to pay massive national debts setting up markets overseas that they can sell to and profit off of while we do all the hard work and sacrifice "investment for them"

    They do not play fair, they do not allow us a voice or a seat at the table. They use us as coal. Something to put on the fire to make the machines burn hotter and faster. They consume us for their own gain, and our compensation is a kick in the face until we die.

    They are the enemy and they have to die.

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    You've lived by faith all your life. You've believed it would get better. -zach roy ought

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    It took you 49 years to realize the rich play by different rules?

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