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    Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem to appease the Israelis and to concede to their demands that this Arab City is the true capital of the Jewish state is a Causus Belli if there ever was one.

    A week ago I received a link to a communique being circulated by Hezbollah that if this transfer of US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem it would be the basis for another mid east war.

    In this communique it mentions that Iran is preparing to use Russian transports to lift missile

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    What I meant to say is that Iran is asking the Ruskies for permission to use their aircraft to supply missiles to Hezbollah.

    I used to get updates from Tehran on a regular basis until the Nuclear deal was signed . Now I rarely get any info from either the Iranians or the Lebanese.

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    Palestinian leaders from both Hamas and Fatah will be travelling to Iran in the very near future.. you guessed right Dude!

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