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Thread: Can We Fix Law Enforcement

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    Can We Fix Law Enforcement

    Itís fine to talk theory Ė what would be*ideal. But while working toward that, what about practical changes that donít require a sea change evolution in consciousness? For example, what can be done Ė in practical terms Ė***about law enforcement? That there is a problem is as obvious as Caitlyn Jennerís Adamís apple. The*big*problem Ė tyrannical laws based on the tyrannical idea that itís legitimate to order people around and abuse them for*not*causing any harm to anyone Ė isnít going to be solved absent a sea-change evolution in consciousness. But there are some obvious fixes that would make things a … Continue reading →
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    Can we? Likely not. Should we? Absolutely.

    "Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."
    -Kurt Vonnegut

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