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a full quarter of that city is the property of the Ottomans and Armenians.
Armenians who live in Jerusalem are treated like garbage by jews.

Christians in Jerusalem Want Jews to Stop Spitting on Them

The clergyman prefered not to lodge a complaint with the police and told an acquaintance that he was used to being spat at by Jews. Many Jerusalem clergy have been subjected to abuse of this kind. For the most part, they ignore it but sometimes they cannot. (...) On Sunday, a fracas developed when a yeshiva student spat at the cross being carried by the Armenian Archbishop during a procession near the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City. The archbishop's 17th-century cross was broken during the brawl and he slapped the yeshiva student.

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Jewish leader says jews should burn down Christian churches


It's amazing that Christian "conservatives" in the US support these vicious, anti-Christian pieces of jew shit.