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Thread: Jewess Sarah Silverman ‘scared’ and ‘shaken’ at sight of American flag [VIDEO]

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    Jewess Sarah Silverman ‘scared’ and ‘shaken’ at sight of American flag [VIDEO]

    Here's the umpteenth proof that jews despise, distrust and fear their host populations:

    Sarah Silverman ‘Scared’ And ‘Shaken’ At Sight Of American Flag [VIDEO]

    Comedian Sarah Silverman said in the latest episode of her Hulu show that she was “scared” and “shaken” when a former boyfriend put up an American Flag in his front yard. (...) “I had a boyfriend many years ago, he was my first boyfriend who had his own house, and one day I went outside to see what he was doing, and he was hoisting an American flag up the flagpole in his front yard,” she remembered. “And I instantly felt very weird. It didn’t make sense, but I felt this feeling of like, um, I felt scared – yeah, I felt scared. ” (...) The comedian called her sister to explain what had happened, and her Rabbi sister told her that “nationalism is innately terrifying for Jews.”

    Susan Silverman is a Reform rabbi and the sister of comedians Laura Silverman and Sarah Silverman.[1] In 1997, she and her husband Yosef Abramowitz co-authored the book Jewish Family and Life: Traditions, Holidays, and Values for Today’s Parents and Children.[1] She worked as a congregational rabbi in Maryland and as a Jewish educator in Boston and moved to Israel in 2006.[1]

    Did you get that, folks? "Nationalism is innately terrifying for jews," according to Silverman's rabbi sister. Which makes sense, of course. Because of their crimes, perversions and exploitation of other peoples, jews have been thrown out of virtually every nation that they've inhabited, so they've learned to oppose the very concept of a nation. That way they can't be thrown out of anywhere. This is why jews are constantly pushing for open borders in the West (but not in Israel, of course). Because it's good for the jews as a collective.

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    some Assembly required.

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    Disgusting and talentless jewess Sarah Silverman talks about how she wants to murder Jesus:

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    HORRID !
    ​Im'a goin south , way down , appalachicola way

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    she'd look good in an ashtray.
    Μολὼν λάβε

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    Quote Originally Posted by forestroot View Post
    HORRID !
    You got that right, buddy.

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    She is rather dreadful. I would take no action to prevent her being lashed to a wagon wheel, before having her limbs crushed to pulp, with a sledge hammer.
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    Comedian Sarah Silverman is mocked by Twitter followers after confusing sidewalk construction markings for swastikas

    Sarah Silverman Mistakes Construction Markings for Swastikas

    After realizing her mistake, Silverman posted a series of follow-up tweets in which she explained that she has begun to see swastikas “in everything” due to the country’s current political climate.

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    I like her.
    "...if life is going to exist in a Universe of this size, then the one thing it cannot afford to have is a sense of proportion."

    ]Douglas Adams, The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mossfern View Post
    I like her.
    A classless spirit dead yenta, and of course you like her, because she has the lack of morals and humanity Satan's children always display when their mask of phony humanity slips and their true face shows.
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