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Thread: Smoke n Mirrors ..

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    Smoke n Mirrors ..

    O.K. you asked for it.. you voted for it and you craved it. You dreamed about it for years ; you debated it and in fact you never believed the day would come when it could really really happen.

    And then it did. It really happened right before your weeping eyes ,a plan to deport the undocumented immigrants living large off the White Christian community of America..

    But now ,things look a little hazy; a little bit of the same smoke n mirrors trick taking place and now the old doubts begin to creep back into focus. was it all a chimera an illusion which led to mass DELUSION?

    Some cling to the hope of a wall ,a roundup of Mexican families ;,a news report showing screaming Mexican children as they are hauled off into a detention center ; to begin the cold calculated process leading to a mass deportation to begin.

    But reality tells a different story. All it takes is a few somber moments of reflection to know that today there are far more illegals from Mexico and Central America living in the USA than were here over 3 years ago.

    Sanctuary cities and non compliance by local jurisdictions speak to the truth and reality that very little has been done to stem the tide coming from Mexico and San

    Salvador. Those sent back are about the same number as during the Obama admin. who was referred to as the DEPORTER IN CHIEF!

    .. A good sign is the need to create an immigration possibly based on merit ; but my suggestion is to apply the same logic to those already here who are meritorious and deserve to remain. In other words we need a good and constructive immigration policy to go into effect before the numbers continue to grow
    As far as M13 is concerned .. ,any government that can't take control of the streets back from the control of a few thousands Latino gangstas is not much of a government.

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