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Thread: MS13.. Let's see what you got..

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    MS13.. Let's see what you got..

    Now that the so called tax cut[middle class ,right] is a done deal, the next herculean task for Hercules is to deal with the 11-12 illegal immigrants living large at our expense.

    But even more pressing is how to deal with about 77.000 WOW , big number ,of Hispanic gang members referred to as MS13..

    Lets see if Hercules has the cojones to round them up and send them back or to send these criminals to a detention camp in the pacific.

    What other country would allow a hostile criminal force to invade and exist with impunity within its national borders?

    The big problem is that the same due process and legal considerations affecting the 11-12 illegal immigrants also apply to MS13.. how do you get around that rich man?

    Kill, rape, control.” That's the motto for Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, a transnational criminal organization dubbed “the most dangerous gang in the world.” The gang was formed in the ‘80s and has its roots in the fertile gang soil of Los Angeles. MS-13 is predominantly made up of Salvadoran immigrants who sought refuge in the United States during their civil war, and is known for horrendous acts of violence throughout Central and North America. Members prefer machetes and knives to guns, as such weapons make a kill more personal and agonizing. Above all else, members of Mara Salvatrucha are best known for their tattooed faces, a sign of loyalty that scares the sh*t out of people.

    From small-time origins, MS-13 has grown into an international threat. The gang even has complete control of a prison in El Salvador, a place guards are too terrified to enter. These Mara Salvatrucha facts and horror stories may make you want to double check you locked the door before going to sleep tonight. Because they are in your back yard. Maybe not literally, but you get the point.

    Sleep tight.

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    They shoot niggers, don't they?

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    They shoot niggers, don't they?
    Not nearly enough!
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    My suggestion would be to send them all back to Mexico with the proviso that they will be shot on sight if they return. Likewise, I would give the drug users that are responsible for their presence the same heave-ho and same proviso. It's just the way I roll.

    Call me Marshal Dillon.

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    Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! ...

    We have a winner!

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    We have 77.000 MS 13 gangstas ,not from Mexico but San Salvador.

    The same legal protections which apply to the dreamers and to the other 11-12 million illegals apply to the MS13 gangstas as well. figure it out..

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