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Thread: Somalian Asylum Seeker Broke into Hospital to Rape Woman Giving Birth-Only a rape ape

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    Somalian Asylum Seeker Broke into Hospital to Rape Woman Giving Birth-Only a rape ape

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    A 38-year-old Somali man has been arrested after attempting to rape a 43-year-old pregnant woman in a hospital in Rome after he was able to sneak into the facility and dress up like a member of staff.
    The incident occurred at the Sant’Eugenio in Rome at the end of December and saw 38-year-old Ali Abdella arrested shortly after the attack. He will likely be charged with aggravated sexual violence and theft, La Stampa reports.
    The police in Rome say that the man had been living in Italy for the past 5 years as an asylum seeker and though he has a residence permit, has been arrested for crimes in the past.
    According to investigators, the Somali was able to sneak into the hospital undetected where he then made his way to the maternity ward. His 43-year-old victim was in the delivery room when the attack occurred and said the man groped her and began to masturbate in front of her.
    The woman then screamed for help and was heard by nearby doctors and nurses who then called the police.
    Lawyer Alessia Giordano, who now represents the Somali man, told the magistrate that she had no idea why her client was at the hospital at all that day. She is expected to claim that the 38-year-old is mentally unstable and requires psychiatric help.
    Somali Migrant Who Raped, Murdered, Tortured Other Migrants Given Life Sentence Somalian asylum seeker Osman M. has been convicted of the rape, torture, and murder of fellow migrants whilst they were on their way to Europe.
    Osman M., 22, was found guilty earlier this week in an Italian court after 17 of his migrant victims who had recognised him from their time in Libya testified against him. It is said that the 22-year-old, who was arrested in Milan in September of last year, had tortured the migrants to extort cash from their relatives, Die Welt reports.
    Due to the fact that the Somalian was formerly the operator of a migrant camp in Libya, many migrants were within his reach and several ended up dying because he left their diseases untreated or purposefully starved them to death. Two young women said they had been raped by the migrant camp operator.
    /13/somalian-migrant-raped-murdered-tortured-migrants-given-life-sentence/ [Anyone convicted of murder should be executed]
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    hes just misunderstood and has never been given a proper chance. soros will make sure hes okay.

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