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Thread: My my ... the forum has some discussion threads and not as much trolling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty Rivets View Post
    I was hoping to race my sled dogs this year, but there isn't enough snow.
    You're an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoGo View Post
    I'd say it's because the slut PTA isn't here stoking old fires and setting nee ones.

    I actually like her. When she's not posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elemental View Post
    Ahhh she has mentioned at least 9 other forums where she also posts.
    Sometimes she stays on those and stays away for a bit.

    She is the main troll derailing topic threads and the forum has been decent these past few days.

    How are you?
    Are you freezing?
    Keep your animals safe in the cold.
    Yes, it's quite nice without her cocksucker drooling and her fatass shitting all over DLP.

    It's been wonderful without PTA, hellana, and odbitch (that has shown signs of methposting like PTA).

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