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Thread: Night of the Long Bannon Knives.

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    Yeah, Rush jumped on the Iraq bandwagon a little too quickly. The twilight of the neocons followed shortly thereafter.

    Some old things are lovely..
    Warm still with the life of forgotten men who made them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilbert Fallgelb View Post
    nothing's certain.. only the ego of Bannon who at the right time will try to get even by supporting someone. Spencer is the one because he doesn't have the baggage that David Duke and others have.

    And Rich is very malleable and amenable.. You gotta listen to Spencer ;he's cool and has a demeanor that doesn't get ruffled. I've watched Duke get hot under the collar ..bad scene..
    Right-wing firebrand Steve Bannon’s rapid fall from grace continued Tuesday as he was removed from his post at the head of the Breitbart News media organization.

    Breitbart CEO Larry Solov said in a statement on the organization’s website: “Steve is a valued part of our legacy, and we will always be grateful for his contributions, and what he has helped us to accomplish.”

    Bannon, in the same post, said he was “proud of what the Breitbart team has accomplished in so short a period of time in building out a world-class news platform.”

    Just a year ago, Bannon was a newly installed senior adviser to then President-elect Trump, having joined Trump’s campaign in the summer of 2016. He was characterized for much of the first few months of Trump’s presidency as the brains behind the president, and was lampooned on “Saturday Night Live” as the Grim Reaper who told Trump what to do.

    But the image of Bannon as the real president infuriated Trump, according to multiple reports, and undermined Bannon’s influence in the White House. He left in August and immediately returned to Breitbart, which he first took over in 2012, not long after the death of its founder, Andrew Breitbart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jhoffa_X View Post
    Yeah, Rush jumped on the Iraq bandwagon a little too quickly. The twilight of the neocons followed shortly thereafter.
    The Bush regime made Rush an offer he couldn't refuse. .. And Rush played it to the hilt.
    Limbaugh lies and cheats his audience every chance he gets look at the new APP the bum has been peddling.

    He's trying to get ads pasted on it .

    look at how he cheated his audience during the 2 if by tea sweepstakes he put over on them.. Totally illegal to gamble over the radio. and that's what the sweepstakes was all about.

    Draft kings and FAN DUEL are the same mafia like enterprises Limbaugh loves because he loves taking advantage of the gullible morons on the radio. Limbaugh should be locked up but since he curries favors with the big politicians and all the rabbis he basically gets away with it.

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