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Thread: Games volunteers told to use gender-neutral words to avoid causing offence

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    Games volunteers told to use gender-neutral words to avoid causing offence

    VOLUNTEERS at the Gold Coast’s Commonwealth Games have been told not to use phrases such as “ladies and gentlemen” and “boys and girls” to avoid causing offence.

    In a gold medal for political correctness, the official Commonwealth Games orientation training handbook calls on volunteers to use gender-neutral language.

    The instructions have been slammed as “political correctness gone insane”.

    The handbook, given to 15,000 volunteers and official staff and contractors, dubbed Games Shapers, instructs those at the Games to call people parents, rather than mothers or fathers, and partners, rather than husbands or girlfriends.

    Some of the instructions are born of a desire not to offend people identifying as transgender.

    “Use gender-neutral or gender-inclusive language,” the 88-page handbook said.
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    I am offend some fuck thinks they can control my language. Fuck them!

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    All this PC crap is presumed founded on scientific research, right?

    Well, it's time to demand the proof that this garbage is a good idea. If they, academics, can't cough up the proof, fuck 'em. You account to the real world, professor.
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    no Lummy. it isn't time to demand scientific proof. its time that the lefts correctness programs are instituted. we can just take a page outtta the CPKs hand-book. we can focus on culling the children of Pravda in a variety of ways. soccer goals, cell stuffing, hoes to the heads and faces, ect. ect.
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    'games shapers...'

    Μολὼν λάβε

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