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Thread: Washington attorney general proposes assault weapons ban

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    Washington attorney general proposes assault weapons ban

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    All gun laws are unconstitutional.

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    Dumb assed in so many ways. First, assault rifles are already banned. An assault rifle gives the choice between semi-automatic and automatic. If it doesn't have this choice, it's not an assault rifle! In 1986 Reagan already signed into law a ban on the automatic feature. So that means the ARs and AKs you buy at Mr. Big's Gun Shop are NOT assault rifles. They are military-style semi-automatics.

    The other thing is most crimes are NOT committed with military-style rifles. By far and above, most crimes are committed by use of hand guns. That does not mean we should automatically ban hand guns, but what it does mean is the guns they've incorrectly labeled "assault rifles" aren't used in most crimes. So if anything, you would think the left would be going after hand guns, but they're not. They're not because they already lost that battle.

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