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Thread: Jewish EU bigwig tries to influence Italian election

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    Italian politician pledges to kick out half a million illegal migrants if elected prime minister

    A Right-wing politician who hopes to be the next prime minister of Italy has pledged to expel half a million migrants if his party wins the coming election. Matteo Salvini, the head of the Eurosceptic Northern League, said he aimed to repatriate 100,000 migrants in his first year in power, followed by another 400,000 during the rest of his five-year term in office.

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    Here's a jewish article about Matteo Salvini from 2014:

    Whys the Rising Star of Italian Politics Getting Cozy With anti-Semites?

    Matteo Salvini is the new face of Italys right. Hear what he has to say about his most controversial ally: CasaPound, a neo-fascist group operating at the fringes of legality. (...) Hes young and hip, and cozy with anti-Semites, but also says he wants to defend the country's Jews from Islamic extremism. Matteo Salvini is the rising star of Italian politics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    A Nigerian drug dealer recently killed an 18-year-old Italian girl, chopped her into pieces and put the body parts in two suitcases:

    Italian Teen Girl Killed and Chopped Into Pieces, Nigerian Migrant Arrested

    Pamela Mastropietro, all’arrestato contestato il vilipendio di cadavere: in casa trovati coltelli

    This is just one of countless brutal crimes that third world immigrants have committed against Italians. These savages are usually brought into the country by "humanitarian" organizations that are financed by evil, rich, anti-European, globalist jew shitbags like George Soros, which you can read about in the following thread:

    Prosecutor says globalist jew demon Soros is working with human traffickers

    The brutal murder of this young girl has caused outrage among Italians, who are already fed up with the third world immigration. Matteo Salvini (leader of the right-wing party The League (La Lega) and its candidate for prime minister) has said that if he wins the election, he will "send these people back to Africa" (those were his exact words).

    Needless to say, Italy's jews, who control a large part of the country's media, hate Salvini and constantly attack him.
    The brutal murder of this 18-year-old Italian girl is still dominating the news in Italy. Four Nigerian asylum seekers - all of them drug dealers - have either been arrested or are under investigation for their role in the murder, and according to a major Italian newspaper, one of these Nigerian suspects was living in a luxurious hotel up until the murder - courtesy of the Italian taxpayers, of course.

    Jews and their leftist lackeys are clearly worried that this murder case will make even more Italians support the right-wing leader Salvini's party, so they're trying to do damage control by pumping out even more anti-racist, anti-Western, anti-Italian propaganda.

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    The right-wing leader Giorgia Meloni, whose small party Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d'Italia) is part of the Berlusconi – Salvini alliance, was recently attacked by "anti-racists" (read: pathetic, jew-controlled cucks who hate their own people) who insulted her, spat on her, threw bottles at her and prevented her from talking to the people.

    Giorgia Meloni contestata a Livorno: contro di lei anche una bottiglietta di plastica

    La leader di Fratelli d'Italia: "Sono stata insultata e mi hanno sputato". Minniti la chiama per esprimere la sua solidarietà

    Isn't it interesting how "anti-racists" always turn out to be the biggest haters, shitbags, troublemakers?

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    One of the newspapers which have been attacking the honorable right-wing leader Matteo Salvini is La Repubblica, which is owned by the wealthy, influential and very, very crooked jewish media mogul Carlo De Benedetti:

    Carlo De Benedetti (born 14 November 1934)[1] is an Italian industrialist, engineer and publisher. He is both an Italian and naturalized Swiss citizen.[2][3] (...) Born into a wealthy Jewish family (…) De Benedetti was arrested and admitted to having paid a 10 billion Italian lira bribe to government parties, to obtain a purchase order from the Italian Postal Service for obsolete teleprinters and computers. (…) De Benedetti never went to trial for this episode (…) In April 1992, Carlo De Benedetti and 32 other people were convicted of fraud by a Milan court in connection with the collapse of the bank.[24] Benedetti was sentenced to six years and four months in prison,[24] but the sentence was overturned

    De Benedetti's newspapers and magazines constantly pump out aggressive multicultural and "LGBT" propaganda and attack traditional Italian/Western values.

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