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Thread: Limbaugh the Beast.

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    Limbaugh the Beast.

    Limbaugh is the beast who daily poisons the radio airwaves. He daily spews poison into the national mindset and has destroyed the American character in so many ways.

    You have to be pretty stupid if you can't see through all the shell games this bag of filth has been using to trick the gullible Gringos for his own personal financial enrichment.

    In case you are one of the stupid ones, let me remind you how Limbaugh promoted the candidacy and war profiteering administrations of the bush presidents. And for this he was richly rewarded. Not only did Limbaugh destroy the careers of Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot but he also promoted the WMDs scam . And we all should know the trillion dollar price tag for this stupidity not to mention the river of blood that Limbaugh is responsible for spilling.

    And for this he was very richly rewarded. Limbaugh is a media whore who sells out every chance he gets if it adds to his profit margin.

    This last election, again thinking of his rewards to come, he threw really qualified conservative candidates under the gas guzzler this beast drives around in . and so we now have a president that knows nothing about economics or diplomacy or world leadership. And the massive market downturn proves it.

    Thank the Limbaugh beast for again helping to destroy the american people.

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    Limbaugh the beast is pushing his APP for new subscribers. Limbaugh is trying to convert his website into another Breitbart or at least another Huff Puff post.

    The huff post started out on a shoe string and eventually was sold for 4- 5 hundred million. Limbaugh is trying for the same deal before he retires.

    Few in this country realize what an evil monstrosity this SOB is. He has blood on his hands for promoting the WMDs scam to curry favor from both Bush presidents and now he is once again selling the conservative cause down the river in exchange for favors from the White house.

    wake up America!

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    Limbaugh is a lying bastard ;a filthy rotten scumbag who tricks his stupid audience into believing he is Mr. Conservative. Has he spoken out against the new Budget? Has he really come out against it? Wake up you jerky gringos.

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    Limbaugh is again playing his clever game. It shows how corrupted the media are for allowing this ignoramus to stay on the air for 35 years . That is when you count his time at KFBK sacto.

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