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Thread: The Many Myths of Wall St.

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    theres an oil that has an EBITDA of 126M with a market cap of 66M

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    and this is AFTER they repaired and inspected 99% of their pipelines.

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    ( the 1% they inspected and did not repair is shut in )

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    confirmed. EBITDA 122.54M Market cap of 66.61M. they just bought 24% of their outstanding shares and cancelled them out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PTA View Post
    So he's all hot air?

    I can't imagine my broker getting on the Internet and giving financial advice.
    And i dont. I give general advice regarding generic topics. Ypu dont see me giving out "stock tips" etc because unless you have the complete picture regarding objectives, suitability , liquidity , investable assets , risk tolerance etc its low class amd unethical to do so. Maybe you need to inform your parrot Guapo of that when he says "still nothing". Hes a complete financial illiterate so its doubtful he knows what most of the aforementioned terms even mean. Im very careful about what i say because there is no one size fits all. I may talk about what im doing such as synthetic neutrals, shorts and longs but i deliberately steer clear of specific advice. Im not here to solicit business. Im here to relax and banter. There is so much stupidity and general ignorance on the investing forum thats why occasionally go months or weeks without posting on it or barely looking at it. Ive paid my dues so i can take it or leave it. I have nothing to learn from anyone here. With my level of experience itd be a fucked up day if i could.
    "who cares what games we choose . Little to win and nothing to lose"

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    Quote Originally Posted by cotton View Post
    I have nothing to learn from anyone here.
    ...and vice versa

    Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.

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    stop and think about it. If making money in the stock market were easy ,then everyone would be investing ,making money and doing nothing else. most investors lose their shirts investing on WALL ST .

    I recall Harold the owner of Harold's Club in Reno many years ago would always say: "To get players you need to send out winners"

    So yes ,there are some winners making some money on Wall St. but most are losers. If everyone lost all the time then no one would play.. see what I'm saying.

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