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Thread: Have you ever seriously considered

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    Have you ever seriously considered

    Searching for treasure, buried or otherwise ?

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    I used to go to quarries looking for rare fossils, but that’s about it.
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    I'm going to find a real forum.
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    Losta luck, Mister.

    99% of the places out there will ban your troll BS in under 10 seconds.

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    I tried that. a few times. first was Braddocks gold. I know where it isn't. next I hit a few pieces at Mannassas. it was hardly worth it. 3 fifty cent pieces. about 360 bucks. I wish I had kept all three. last time was at Gettysburg. I was off park land. like way off. went after the creek. was supposed to have been dammed up on july 5th with dead bodies. park cop came by and took my detector. wasn't worth it. all I can figure is the second time I hit someones dying hoard, or the part that was missed.

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    from what I remember, each yankee was paid 108 dollars in gold on June30

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    Certain treasures , some more widely known of than others remain undiscovered.
    People buried gold and other valuables in their yards quite commonly.

    In all kinds of places , valuables, gems , minerals and relics can be found.

    And yes j , they are dicks at Gettysburg about metal detectors.

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    corners of old battlefields are great source areas. basically they became field hospitals.

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    Shit fell off wagons, trains, horses, stashes under rocks ,in tiny caves, in walls of dilapidated buildings and even ones in use...
    Along rivers and streams, trails...

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    shit that fell off became found. when buried, it usually stayed there. in Aimissville VA brigades were shedding their backpacks into buildings. old briar patches there would be a good start.

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    Searching for treasure, buried or otherwise ?
    I went gold panning in the Rogue River once.
    I occasionally see people on the Oregon Coast with metal detectors and some have found pirate gold or other treasure.

    Have you?
    Everyone you will ever meet knows something you do not know.

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    some have found pirate treasure on the Oregon coast..........................wouldn't that entail a pirate to put the loot there somehow? pirates hunting barren cold seas just doesn't sound like what they did. most pirate gold was spent in the taverns when they got to a port. how many pirates would you say went north up the California coast with their gold? yes, there, they would've buried it. for they had nothing to purchase there.

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