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Thread: When was the last time you had deja-vu?

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    When was the last time you had deja-vu?

    For me, I'm thinkin' at least 30 years.

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    Something is happening here but you don't know what it is. Do you, Mr Doop? LOL
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    When was the last time you had deja vu Sachem? Mossy? Rooster? Cotton?

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    Boopy is gonna check into the nuthouse before I'm done. He's toast, already an orange jump suit that even a fucking retard can distinguish, if not salute. LOL

    God Bless America!

    Hmm .. what would Jesus do? LOL!

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    Thanks for your PM's everyone.

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    I haven't had de-Javu, but had a vivid dream last night.

    I was at a historical site and walking up to the car and the person I was traveling with was crying.
    I asked them what was wrong and they just pointed past my shoulder.
    People were jumping off of buildings to their deaths.
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    So P.T.A. is black, Asian, white, jewish, Muslim...and mulatto? The geniuses of the LDL strike again.
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    I'm an homorary Jew!
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    If I could suck my own cock I would
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    Boopy aspires to destroy Christianity.

    I dunno, Jesus was a pretty big man, boopy.

    Bring it, BoopDoop! LOL

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    Just drag your jizzed ass out of here now, Boopy. That's my advice.

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    Lummy is having a meltdown.
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    I'm going to find a real forum.
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    Losta luck, Mister.

    99% of the places out there will ban your troll BS in under 10 seconds.

    "Mon cher Billy, tu es un homme plus masculin, est tres beau, aussi. Son organ masculin c'est incroyable, plus enorme, tous les dames sont tailler un pipe."

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    Lummy is having a meltdown.
    Lummy is fine, you're the one melting down.

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