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Thread: I found some good quality information about the Jews

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    I found some good quality information about the Jews

    This Canadian girl named Evalion knows a lot about the Jews and their conspiracies to take over the world. I found this video really informative. It was so revealing that the powers that be became very afraid and forced Youtube to ban her channel. However, all her videos live on through re-uploads. If you've never seen how bad the Jews are at infiltrating everything, you're in for an eye opener.

    You would think that our government would make an all-out effort to stop the Jews given that they're such a danger to disrupt our entire economic system and ruin the lives of good Americans, but the problem is the Jews run our government. They've infiltrated the Federal Reserve and all the major banks and corporations and keep our politicians of both parties under their thumb. It's important to be able to identify these parasites. Fortunately, Evalion has also made a video on how to spot a Jew. This is essential training so that Americans can work together to root them out and retake our government. Here's that video:

    She sure is pretty too. She's our very best import from Canada, way better than maple syrup or Moosehead beer, though those things are pretty good too. It's really scary how bad the Jews are and how they're taking over everything from our banks to our government to our schools. They brainwash people and people fall for it. Evalion's videos have helped me to understand that Hitler wasn't such a bad guy. He one of the few government leaders in world history who had the guts to stand up to the Jews and he paid for it with his life. Fortunately, Evalion has also made a video about Hitler proving that he was really an excellent leader and is someone we should emulate. Here's that video:

    It's a shame that Hitler didn't win his war against the Jews. The Jew tricked our politicians into opposing Hitler when we should have joined him in his fight against this scourge. Hitler's National Socialism would have done away with classes and cliques and would have rooted out all the Jew parasites.

    And btw Evalion now lives in the USA. We're so lucky to have gotten her away from Canada and all the evil socialists there that would of persecuted her. Sometimes I feel bad about being an old guy who lusts over her, but it's just normal biology, so I'll just take a cold shower. What a beautiful woman. And a smart one too. She's taken though. She got knocked up by her hubby and it's a real shame but they lost the baby to a miscarriage. We need smart white people like her making babies because it's practically impossible to keep up with the niggers breeding like rabbits and the Jews guilting white people over what they call too many babies.

    Some day our children will wake up really sad that Evalion and Hitler turned out to be right and we didn't follow through in taking out all the Jews and in limiting the niggers rabbit breeding. We're rapidly turning into the most niggery and Jew-controlled country in the world. We need to out breed the savages but that's nearly impossible. So if you're white and know about National Socialism you and your significant other need to have sex tonight and leave your damn birth control in the drawer so that you can make a quality white baby and teach it to stand up and fight back against the niggers and Jews.

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    wow. the hell with freedom. lets sell our souls for order and a scrap of bread. no thanks. in that system that was so ridged that shit was deemed gold, the waste was tremendous.

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    don't ever sell out just to replace one dynasty with another people. national socialism is almost and very close to communism.

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    So P.T.A. is black, Asian, white, jewish, Muslim...and mulatto? The geniuses of the LDL strike again.
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    He's good.
    The Nigger Football League should donate 3/4 of their bloated salaries to feed "dey bros" or get the fuck out of the country. Instead, the Nigger Football League is politicking for communism -- they want to steal your laws and your money from you to pay for the abject decay they bring about. Niggers niggering America.
    Free America, Obama and the rest of you rotten thieving niggers.

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