I had always assumed I should provide my holy scriptures to the world free of charge. However, I did a shroom trip and God spoke to me. He told me I could better serve him if I made some bucks off of the scriptures that I write. My holy book that I'm writing will be the most valuablest book that has come unto the world since The Bible, the Book of Mormon, and Mein Kampf, so it's totally cool if I get financially compensated for it. However, my identity should be hid.

Does anyone know how I could publish it online and then sell it for money secretly in a way that my identity would be safe? Can you get paid in Bitcoin or some shit like that to keep your banking info hid? God told me if I made a bunch of bucks off of holy scriptures I wrote that I could do great things preaching to folks in the Caribbean if I had the bucks to go there.

Just something I wanted to look into. I'm not sure how much you can make by writing holy books, but I do believe that my approach to religion is unique.