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Thread: Will Russia Wake Up?-Jews running West confident they can attack and rule there again

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    Will Russia Wake Up?-Jews running West confident they can attack and rule there again

    By relying on law, about which no Western country gives a hoot, the Russian UN ambassador permitted Washington’s French puppet and other of Washington’s [ Jew's military arm] European puppet states to say that they supported the British charges against Russia despite the absence of evidence. Perhaps the Russians noticed that none of those European governments required any evidence that Russia was responsible. All that was required was the accusation.
    In the exceptional, indispensable Western World ruled by Washington, accusation alone is proof of Russian mendacity. When British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn asked PM May if she actually had any real evidence that Russia had tried to kill the former British double-agent, Corbyn was shouted down not only by the corrupt Conservatives but also by members of the Labour Party that he heads. How much more evidence does Russia need that facts are not important to the West?
    Will Russia wake up? Or will its demented desire to be part of the West leave Russians unprepared for Washington’s nuclear strike, which is coming.
    What if the Russian government simply told Washington: “If you or your terrorist mercenaries attack Syrian forces, we will eliminate your presence in the Middle East and Israel as well.” This is something that Russia can do at the drop of a hat.
    What would the British and Washington do, other than wet their pants? Clearly, they would get the message and decide that peace is a better idea.
    The Russian government simply does not understand that Washington regards Russian appeals to diplomacy, law, facts, evidence, as signs of extreme weakness and lack of confidence. Washington and its puppet states do not need any facts. They have an agenda. By calling for facts, the Russians show their weakness.

    Truth means nothing to the lying jew. Just these events happening in the fashion they are proves the anti-humans have total control of the west. News howls about gun control and blacks squawk on and on about ebbil white debbils on cue, as the Jews get set to kill 15 out of 16 of the other peoples populating the earth.

    Look at the events happening right now and know the signs of the times. The end of Great Babylon, the jew's money worshiping monster sodomite empire powered by the British, German, and American horns on the 6th head of the beast is near surprise and utter destruction, with none to help them.
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