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Thread: DLP's official Eurodance thread

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    I don't like pop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach roy ought View Post
    I don't like pop.
    Not even Mt. Dew?
    ...she is slammed with family and work obligations and wishes people well and has moved on. ~Eau de lala

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    I'm making fun of the bipolartard residents and don't have room for your derailing shenanigans.
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    "Bye bye bi bipolar bare polar bear."
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    Stay on your side of the tracks, faggot.

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    Basement Jaxx - Rendez Vu

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    U 96 - Das Boot

    U96 - Club Bizarre

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    Here's a great song by Camouflage, a really talented band that is sometimes referred to as "the German Depeche Mode":

    Camouflage - The Great Commandment

    Camouflage is a German new wave[1] trio consisting of lead singer Marcus Meyn (b. May 2, 1966), Heiko Maile and Oliver Kreyssig. Their only Billboard Hot 100 hit was "The Great Commandment", which earned No. 59 place in 1988, and earned three weeks at No. 1 on the US dance chart. They also had two additional minor dance hits in 1989.

    "The Great Commandment" is the debut single from German synthpop band Camouflage, taken from their debut album Voices & Images. The single had originally been recorded three years prior and was re-recorded in 1987,[citation needed] giving Camouflage their only number one dance hit. "The Great Commandment" stayed at the top spot for three non-consecutive weeks.[1] The single became popular on independent stations and crossed over to the mainstream American pop charts, peaking at number fifty-nine in 1988. In their native Germany, "The Great Commandment" went to number fourteen, and reached the top ten in over twenty countries.

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