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Thread: The Blindster ,true story..

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    The Blindster ,true story..

    One of my neighbors decided to order blinds from the BLINDSTER

    and boy was she disappointed with this garbage.

    Here's what happened: She measured 4 windows ,each measured 25 wide by 34 inches long.

    what she got back from the blindster wa 4 blinds 34 inches wide and 25 long ..

    she measured right ,they got it wrong .. but they wouldn't allow her to return unless she paid for all the shipping. and it was very expensive to send back.

    See ,they tell you they will replace if YOU get it wrong, even if it was YOUR fault but they forget about when its THEIR fault..

    The stuff is very poorly made. The woman is thinking of suing the BLINDSTER. Limbaugh is ripping you off again... Try ordering and see what you get from the BLINDSTER scum..

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    A " neighbor"..? It was you wasnt it? You cant get enough can you?
    "who cares what games we choose . Little to win and nothing to lose"

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    I spoke to someone a few weeks ago who told me he priced seven small outside lamps at a department store and was quoted close to 140 $.. He found exactly the same item on amazon for about 37.00 and the shipment was free shipping and included a free return envelope.

    If Blindster.scum is so easy and friendly why cant they pay the return shipping?

    for that matter why doesnt BOIL n BRANCH pay the return freight?

    Do you know how much those sorry bastards in INDIA get paid from that lying homo running Boil n Branch? much less than a buck an hour!!

    Limbaugh is a crook!

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