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Thread: She's Never Going Away

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    She's Never Going Away

    two stories in the msm today, each more absurd than the last...

    Hillary Clinton claims 'Fox News is always trying to impeach me'

    Democratic 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton claimed Tuesday that Fox News is “trying to impeach me,” the latest gripe the former secretary of state has expressed about Fox’s coverage.

    Clinton, who holds no political office, made the remarks in a speech to The Wing -- a women-only co-working space in New York City -- where, despite saying she was optimistic and had faith in diversity and young people, she painted a grim picture of the future of the U.S.

    “I don’t think we’ve seen the bottom yet, I think it's very unfortunate to contemplate but more can happen that would put our rights at risk, our freedom at risk, our values, our fundamental views about what it means to be Americans,” she said. She also described America as being in "a very bad spot."

    this all could've been averted if we'd have elected you, right?

    Hillary Praises Maxine Waters for Pushing Back on 'White Supremacist' Views From White House

    this story doesn't bear quoting. it's total bullshit on its face.

    read it if you like, second link below:
    Μολὼν λάβε

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    I don't want to see her impeached. I want to see her hauled off to prison.

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