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Thread: Aren't we ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY here at DLP?!

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    Careful, it might go off! cotton's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rev. Doomsday View Post
    I mean c'mon, the camaraderie... We should be exchanging phone numbers and social media links.
    This is a "small community" we have here. And after all, it's like I never left.
    I love Feelin' the love. I'm down to about 7-8 from 15-20 per week regarding threats of great bodily harm or worse. Not that I have a problem with an occasional threat , I don't. The only problem iI have is that back in the day a " I'm going to kill you and burn your family alive" threat meant something. You had arrived. Now it's rather mundane. Also, being a complete psycho meant you at least had leadership abilities . Now everyone is fucking crazy.
    "who cares what games we choose . Little to win and nothing to lose"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unbidden Wrath View Post
    Oh yeah, welcome to the House of Love.
    House of Love? Sounds like a gay bar where Lummy and Guapo hang out together.

    Quote Originally Posted by PTA View Post
    I'm willing to pay triple the price for *igger *ick in mouth.

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    卐 You belong to me. 卐 Clingy_YT's Avatar
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    I missed you fuckers so much <3
    We Shall All Be Healed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clingy_YT View Post
    I missed you fuckers so much <3
    Thank you
    We Shall All Be Healed, indeed.

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