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    Quote Originally Posted by Elemental View Post
    I totally screwed up on the beer I listed in the above post. I know absolutely nothing about beer.
    I saw him drink a Corona with lime.
    I like dark beers like Guinness and Killians. And Modelo es Negros and Dos XX dark.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cotton View Post
    The main and oftentimes only difference between a woman and a horse is the horse understands it's limitations. ... BC !I just made that up...:
    ^^Post #204 in the thread below.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elemental View Post
    No drama in this relationship. He is not the kind of man to put up with that kind of bullshit.

    He is pulling a long 12 hour ED shift today, and I do tomorrow.
    I am home with the day to myself and had a nice morning run in the forest, and I am making a French Baguette, salad, and soup. I never bake deserts, but I make bread.

    Tonight is his night, and I am taking care of the details, and he can come over and let down. I want to treat him like he should be treated.
    We'll want details late this weekend.

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