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Thread: Jews in Latin America: they steal money, push "LGBT rights", rape kids

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    Jews in Latin America: they steal money, push "LGBT rights", rape kids

    Because of their crimes, perversions and exploitation of other peoples, jews have been thrown out of virtually every nation that they've inhabited, so they've learned to oppose the very concept of a nation; that way they can't be thrown out of anywhere. This is why jews are always working so hard to weaken, corrupt and destroy their Western host populations.

    Here's how jews operate: they find a host country, and then worm, bribe and elbow their way into the media, banks, politics and academia, and then they use their influence to weaken/destroy their host people by pushing for multiculturalism, feminism, homosexuality, transsexualism, and if they feel strong and confident enough, they even promote pedophilia (a traditional jewish fetish/sickness) and sex-change operations for children.

    Jews do this in virtually every country they inhabit: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia...they even do it in "exotic" countries like Uruguay. Take a look at the Wikipedia article LGBT rights in Uruguay:

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in Uruguay are among the most liberal in both South America and the world. Same-sex sexual activity has been legal with an equal age of consent since 1934. Anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBT people have been in place since 2004. Civil unions for same-sex couples have been allowed since 2008 and same-sex marriages since 2013, in accordance with the nation's same-sex marriage law passed in early 2013. Additionally, same-sex couples have been allowed to jointly adopt since 2009 and gays, lesbians and bisexuals are allowed to serve openly in the military.

    It seems astonishing that a Latin American country could be one of the most "LGBT"-friendly countries in the world, but that's what happens when jews gain control of their host population. In the following article from the homosexual newspaper Washington Blade we can read about how Uruguay legalizes homosexual "marriage":

    Uruguayan president signs marriage bill into law

    Uruguayan President José Mujica last week signed a bill into law that will extend marriage rights to same-sex couples in the South American country. The newspaper El País reported on Monday that Mujica and Education and Culture Minister Ricardo Ehrlich signed the measure on May 3. It received final approval last month in the Uruguay House of Representatives.

    The then-Education and Culture Minister Ricardo Ehrlich is a jew:

    Nació el 4 de noviembre de 1948 en el barrio Porvenir de la ciudad de Montevideo hijo de padres judíos polacos.

    He is from the prominent local Jewish community.

    And then-president Mujica's wife Lucía Topolansky, who is a very influential pro-homosexual politician, is a jewess:

    THE JEWISH wife of the Uruguayan President Jose Mujica is the latest person to have her say over the Luis Suarez biting scandal. Refusing to keep her mouth shut – like the Liverpool striker – Lucia Topolansky’s backed up her husband who brandished FIFA “sons of bitches”...

    This despicable jew hag was a member of a communist terrorist organization when she was young, and she still refuses to condemn its crimes:

    Asked whether the Tupamaros were justified in killing unarmed prisoners, she said: "History is what it is. We're not going to change it by trying to go back and analyze it."

    (Lucía Topolansky reminds me of another vicious leftist jew hag who also supports brutal violence, and is a member of this forum. Can you guess who I'm thinking of?)

    In the following article we can read about how the jew Daniel Olesker, who is a former Minister of Public Health and the current Minister of Social Development, brags about how multicultural and fag-friendly "his" country is:

    Uruguayan Government Hails Top Ranking on AQ Social Inclusion Indeks

    "Uruguay is first in civil rights, surpassing Chile and the U.S. It's first in political rights and LGBT rights, and in rights related to gender and race," Olesker noting,

    Olesker nació en una familia judía. Su padre, Bernardo, fue presidente de honor de la Organización Sionista del Uruguay.1

    You can read more about Olesker's jewish origin in the book Jews and the Left: The Rise and Fall of a Political Alliance by prof. Philip Mendes.

    These are just a few of Uruguay's many influential jews.

    As I'm sure you can understand, the country's Catholic population is disgusted with, and opposed to, the vile homosexual and transsexual garbage that jews are spreading:

    Uruguay approves sex change bill

    Those moves have been strongly opposed by the Roman Catholic Church in Uruguay. The archbishop of Montevideo, Nicolas Cotugno, told Vatican Radio that the family as an institution had become the object of widespread attacks. He said there were projects under way to promote homosexuality with the aim of destroying the traditional family unit.

    "Promoting homosexuality with the aim of destroying the traditional family unit."

    Yes, folks, that's what jews do to their host countries, whether it's in Europe or North America or South America.

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    Here's an article about how satanic jews try to turn Brazil into a playground for jewish pedophiles:

    Wanted Israeli diplomat flees Brazil

    Police in Rio de Janeiro say an Israeli diplomat suspected of belonging to an international child pornography ring has fled Brazil and returned to Israel. (...) The children were pictured and filmed at the diplomat's house. Police said the pictures had been published on the internet with the apparent aim of attracting foreign paedophiles to Rio de Janeiro.

    And in the following thread you can read about how satanic jews rape kids in Guatemala:

    Jewish child-abusers are kicked out of Guatemala village, blame "antisemitism"

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    Feel free to post your comments, folks.

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    sounds about right. the U.N. was rolled over on by the CPK. ever since that time, its been all down hill for them. faggots in the military is just another nail in their coffin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by submiturass View Post
    Have you heard of William Bowles.
    Actually, no. Thanks for the link, I'll check out the site.

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    Jews steal huge sums of money in Argentina. Take a look at the following Wikipedia article:

    David Graiver (1941 — 1976) was an Argentine businessman and banker who was investigated in the 1970s for alleged money laundering of US$17 million for the Montoneros, a leftist guerrilla group. He was indicted for embezzlement after his reported death by Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, who had thought he might have faked his death, because of the September 15, 1976 failure of American Bank & Trust. This was the fourth-largest bank failure in United States history at the time, and Graiver's banks in Argentina and elsewhere also failed. (…) Graiver was born in Buenos Aires to Eva Gitnacht and Juan Graiver, Polish Jewish immigrants

    And here's an article from the jewish news site JTA:

    “Ten years ago, if you had asked me which Jewish community in the world most mirrors the American Jewish community, I would have said the Argentinian Jews,” (...) According to Argentine Jewish expatriates in the audience, the Jewish leadership in the country is entrenched, incompetent and corrupt. They also claimed that the two Jewish-run banks were linked closely to a corrupt government and played fast and loose with the community's money. When the banks failed, some $26 million in communal assets were lost overnight.

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    Here are some crooked jews from Peru:

    Efraín Goldenberg Schreiber, or "Efraím," served as Peru's finance minister, foreign relations minister, and prime minister in the 1990s.[1] (...) Efraín Goldenberg was born on December 29, 1929, in Lima, Peru, to German Jewish immigrants to Peru. (...) At the end of Fujimori's dictatorship he was accused of Illicit Enrichment for the sum of 100000000 (One Hundred Million Euros). Among his accusations are: Illicit Enrichment, Aggravated Embezzlement, Illicit Association for the Commission of Crimes, Material Falsehood and Ideological Falsehood damaging the Country. He escaped to the US in order to escape from justice.

    Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Godard (Spanish: [ˈpeðɾo ˈpaβlo kuˈtʃinski ɣoˈðarð];[a] born 3 October 1938), better known simply as PPK, is a Peruvian economist, politician and public administrator who served as the 66th President of Peru. (...) On 15 December 2017, the Congress of Peru, which is controlled by the opposition Popular Force, initiated impeachment proceedings against Kuczynski, after he was accused of lying about receiving payments from a scandal-hit Brazilian construction firm in the mid-2000s.[9] However, on 21 December 2017, the Peruvian congress lacked the majority of votes needed to impeach Kuczynski.[10] After further scandals and facing a second impeachment vote, Kuczynski resigned the presidency on 21 March 2018 following the release of videos showing alleged acts of vote buying, presenting his resignation to the Council of Ministers.[11][12] (...) His parents fled Germany in 1933 to escape from Nazism. His father, born in Poznań (formerly Posen, Germany) was a German Jew,

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    Lesbian jews in Argentina:

    Global event held in Buenos Aires for LGBT Jews


    JAG, the organization of Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transexual Jews in Argentina and the World Congress of LGBT Jews organized the first global event in South America, gathering participants from Brazil, Colombia, Chile, France, Italy, Mexico, and the United States.

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