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Thread: The DLP Apocalypse!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Persia View Post
    Indeed she is. She is my friend.
    Oh fuck, I will leave her alone then....

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    Quote Originally Posted by roadtrip View Post
    Oh fuck, I will leave her alone then....
    Good man!

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    Oh, it wouldn't matter if you didn't roadie. I can handle most anyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cotton View Post
    Thank you Hoffa for how you are , who you are and for all that you do.

    Im barely alive. I was jumped by some mean spirited thugs at another site as i wandered aimlessly without DLP.
    So you went to some other forum with your faggot dope fiend bullshit and you got gang banged out of there.
    DLP Worldwide HQ in BFE Ohio 2 weeks ago.

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