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Thread: Meet the REAL Rush Limbaugh.

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    Limbaugh is pushing more of his garbage in his store. The new ,so called better stuff is his way of saying to be prepared to pay the scumbag a lot more than before.

    Show Limbaugh you are on to him and do not purchase anything from the lying bastard ever again. Hold him accountable for the lies and daily falsehoods he pushes everyday..

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    Limbaugh ,on occasion will find it necessary to tell his audience how much he loves them and respects them..

    What would you expect from an ignoramus who made a fortune ripping off his audience. He wants to keep them around a while longer.

    But is it respect and love to rip off your audience? What has Limbaugh ever said or done for the workers of America.

    Today,the scumbag is pushing his baseball hats made in China. At rip off prices. If Limbaugh is so pro American bitch then why not buy American.

    This is nothing new. Take the Jew homo sounding owner and founder of Boil N Branch bedsheets claiming that his product is FAIR TRADE MADE.

    Is it fair trade to make these bedsheets in India where the prevailing wage is 80 cents an hour and children 12 years old work for even less. Is that what you mean by fair trade you rotten Jew scum?

    And then the bastard sell these same sheets for 250.00 a pop.

    There's more money in the box they come in then the sheets themselves.

    But this is nothing new. look at how Limbaugh misled the public by promoting the WMDs scam which took thousands of innocent American lives fighting this unneeded war.

    But Limbaugh made out like the bandit he is. by currying favor from the Bush admin. Limbaugh became super rich.

    This is why the SOB has blood on his formerly nicotin stained fingers.

    And then there's his support for jewish traitors and spies . remember his undying support for Jew Jonatan Pollard. Now the scumbag lambastes the FBI. Limbaugh is a traitor working as a foreign agent for the Government of Israel,pretending to be a loyal American.

    Israel is his master,. remember when Limbaugh mocked all Christians who has FAITH in god? Limbaugh mocked all those as impractical lazy schmucks.

    And then there was the putrid tasting two if by tea scam. The tea was rancing tasting but to make a few bucks he started the TWO IF BY TEA SWEEPSSTAKE .. this was gambling and totally illegal to do on radio. Why the FCC let the bastard get away with it ?

    Again Limbaugh over and over has ripped of his audience he claims to love and respect.

    Remember the pill popping Limbaugh and the Draft Kings and Fan duel illegal gambling scam? This was a mafia like operation that.. brought in millions for this bloated scum.

    Limbaugh has made a fortune4 off of blacks and Mexicans ;berating them and laughing himself all the way to the bank.

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    everything this filthy Jew lackey sells is made in china by CHICOMS! what about that Mr. Limbaugh,you lying piece of filth.

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    I seriously doubt he thumps chink products. ive seen people wishing to " buy American " and willing to pay 50% more if theyre sure it is American.
    its akin to trying to lead a horse by holding a carrot near its just aint gonna work

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    its like 90% of all our flags. chink product.
    its akin to trying to lead a horse by holding a carrot near its just aint gonna work

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    If a product is marked "Made in the USA", legally it must be made here.
    What color is your ball and chain? ___________ LOLL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by number four View Post
    its like 90% of all our flags. chink product.
    More like 100%.

    They make them so they fall apart in the slightest breeze for the demoralizing effect.
    What color is your ball and chain? ___________ LOLL.

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    Limbaugh is America's real sleaze bag who has never, not one time, stopped cheating his audience out of their cash.

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