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    (Concerning Transformers CGI)
    Let me break it down this way: To do one model takes roughly—it could be less, it could be more—15 weeks. So you start with artwork, and lots and lots of designs and artwork that are photoshopped in 2D. Then we turn [the art] into a 3D character and all of its little pieces have to be built. Optimus has over 10,000 pieces in him, for instance, and each one of those pieces has to be modeled correctly. It's easy to make a box or a rectangle in the computer but it's very hard to do compound curves—that's what is time consuming. Every [model] has to be painted. So we have an entire ILM paint staff, which started over a year and a half ago just to get the models ready so we can have them ready to be put in a shot.

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