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Thread: Schmidt on Israel Embassy Move: There Is Blood on Trumpís Hands

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    Schmidt on Israel Embassy Move: There Is Blood on Trumpís Hands

    On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Republican strategist and MSNBC Contributor Steve Schmidt stated that there is blood on President Trump’s hands because he destabilized the region by moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Schmidt said, “It’s all about US domestic politics. Everything we will see Donald Trump do from now until the midterms to try to stave off a disastrous midterm election defeat is try to intensify support in his base through policies of incitement. And so,*when we saw the two theocratic nutjob preachers, at the crossroads of civilization and religion, be able to antagonize Judaism, Catholicism, Islam, and Mormonism, all in the same day because of their previous bigoted pronouncements, their extreme ideology. This is not about making the Middle East more secure. It’s not about making the United States more secure. It’s not about making sure that we don’t have yet another generation of American kids dying in Middle Eastern wars. It’s all about Donald Trump being able to score a point, ephemeral though it may be in the news cycle, and to position himself for the midterm elections.” Schmidt*added, “He’s bumbling around, and he destabilized, with this rash move, the Middle East. And


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    There is, and on Netanyahu's hands, too.

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