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Thread: Dancing Georgia doctor suspended, sued for malpractice

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    Dancing Georgia doctor suspended, sued for malpractice
    A dermatologist who was seen on video dancing to a hip-hop song while performing a surgical procedure was suspended Thursday by the Georgia medical board, which reportedly said her continued practice “poses a threat to the public health, safety and welfare.”
    A byproduct of Obamacare perhaps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TLSG View Post
    Was she dancing or did she have to go real bad.

    The patient was not pleased:

    “I just wanted my butt a little rounder and smaller,” she said.

    Instead, her buttocks are now lopsided and her left side is continually itching, she told the Times.

    “I can’t live like this. It affects my relationship, it affects everything,” Rideau said. “I’m very self-conscious.”
    I think the patient should have to establish that the witch doctor would have done a better job if she had not been dancing to tribal music at the time.
    If not for slavery there would be no historical record of niggers actually working

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