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Thread: And what about PTA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PTA! View Post
    Good morning.

    Sorry I fell asleep.
    Good morning!
    TRUMP 2020

    ~ Shower the people you love with love ~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lum View Post
    Good morning! What time is it, anyway?
    Dinner time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by -I-I-I-I- View Post
    Why isn't Philadelphian here? He was DLP's best poster.
    Good question.

    Kinda miss that poster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -I-I-I-I- View Post
    Can't you send him a private message on that other forum? You know which one I'm talking about.
    Idk how to reach Philly, I’m not sure if the poster was male or female.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -I-I-I-I- View Post

    Why do you keep saying that? Everybody knows that he's a man. (You said the same thing about me on the old DLP. You asked me if I was a man or a woman not long after you joked about how I should wear two condoms while having sex with Caca. Sometimes I don't understand you.)
    Actually, it was Lala who said on the open board that Philly was a woman.
    I asked Philly and he/she was ambivalent about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -I-I-I-I- View Post
    Well, Caca loved to insult male posters by claiming that they're actually women. It doesn't mean anything.

    Really? That's strange because it has always been common knowledge that he's a man, he has even talked about his deceased wife.

    Anyway, Philadelphian was a great poster, and I wish he would return to the forum.
    Oh, must’ve missed when he talked about his deceased wife.
    I didn’t know that.

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