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Thread: Democrats have a point about Republicans

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    Democrats have a point about Republicans

    The corporation worship of the Republican party is insane.

    Now, I'm no Adam Smith, but I am more genuinely capitalistic than the GOP is. 90% of the GOP are hacks who conflate capitalism with corporatism because the Kochsucker brothers/Chamber of Cocksuckers donate to their political campaigns. Preference to corporations in the economy is not free market. Health insurance companies tried to push the socialist Obamacare bill through.

    When my state had a gradual 11 dollar minimum wage on the ballot, the corporatists argued it would increase unemployment once it passed. I haven't seen any indication of that. The opposite may have even happened, because it gave lazy people an incentive to work. I didn't notice any price hikes. $11 is not the same as $15.

    Corporations are hurting the country in a lot of ways. Look at how companies lobbied the Supreme Court to overturn state gay marriage bans. Profits are actually less important to them than social engineering. Yet the GOP does everything they can to support these anti-democratic cocksuckers.

    Corporations (since they're people apparently) bribe politicians to promote foreign invasion of the United States.

    The biggest lie in politics is that Democrats are not for open borders. The second biggest lie is that Republicans are not for open borders.

    Kevin Cramer ran as a populist Senator who would be a rubber stamp for Trump's agenda. Now he is pushing an increase in work visas for Indian street shitters. Since the workers will inevitably overstay their visa, it's the same as effect as opposing a wall.

    I mean, Republicans could have listened to their base and funded the entire wall through reconciliation in 2018, but they didn't. You can't even blame Democrats for that.

    Finally, the GOP supports Google censoring conservatives because it eliminates anti-establishment point of views.

    I just am not a fan of so-called "pro-business" Republicans like Mitt Romney, William Weld, Rick Perry, or Doug Ducey. I never have been. They're next to useless.
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    Democrats have a point about many things. The problem is they're corrupt hypocritical projectionists.

    However, yes. Your post is correct. The Republican party has increasingly over the years become indistinguishable from the other party, save for the fact that the Democrats seem to have stiffened their spines, whereas the Republican's spines are non-existent.
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    Defense of homeland is a universal principle dating back to the beginning of time. Politicians are particularly well educated to ignore and deny that because it isn't erudite, and they believe they are the be-all to end-all because they are "educated".
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