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Thread: The French are sick and tired of globalist jew-lackey/Rothschild banker E. Macron

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    The French are sick and tired of globalist jew-lackey/Rothschild banker E. Macron

    Emmanuel Macron is one of the clumsiest and most obvious examples of false opposition that I've ever seen in mainstream politics. Just when the French people finally realized that the left and the pseudo-right are two sides of the same shekel and were getting ready to vote for the nationalist party Front National, the jewish globalist crooks appeared with a "new" and "fresh" alternative – the "outsider" Macron who was the right man to fix the broken system.

    And everyone was just supposed to ignore the fact that this person was an investment banker for the rotten jewish Rothschild family, and that he had served in the failed leftist president Hollande's government.

    Amazingly, this jew ploy worked as the French people elected Macron president, but now it looks like they've realized that an anti-French globalist jew banker isn't the answer to their country's problems.

    Macron's popularity falls to 25 percent: poll

    Paris (AFP) - The popularity of French President Emmanuel Macron has dropped to just 25 percent, according to a major tracker poll published on Sunday.

    France’s President Emmanuel Macron’s Popularity Falls to 25 Percent

    PARIS (AFP) — The popularity of French President Emmanuel Macron has dropped to just 25 per cent, according to a major tracker poll published on Sunday.

    The poll by research group Ifop was published in the Journal du Dimanche a day after a nationwide “yellow vest” protest against high fuel prices that analysts say has come to represent widespread frustration with the 40-year-old president.
    The results reinforce a longer-term trend of French voters turning quickly on their presidents soon after their election — something which also happened to Macron’s predecessors Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy.

    Protests over spiraling French fuel prices leave 1 dead, dozens injured

    Paris (CNN)A protester was accidentally run over and killed by a car during a demonstration over rising fuel prices, a top official in eastern France said Saturday.

    Mass demonstrations causing roadblocks across the country are part of the "gilets jaunes" or "yellow vests" movement, which opposes mounting gas prices and eco-taxes on polluting forms of transport.
    "We can't stand Macron's taxes any more. It's too much. We couldn't make ourselves heard through political parties or trade unions, so we had to do something."
    The growing resentment has also been a springboard for partisan political attacks, with opponents of Macron's centrist En Marche party attempting to energize their bases to fuel further revolt.
    Meanwhile, Macron's former nemesis, Marine Le Pen, leader of France's far-right National Rally, said: "We were the first party to express our total support for this movement."

    Yellow Vests protests: Macron has FORGOTTEN he never had the support of French people

    EMMANUEL Macron believes he was elected because French people believed in his policies and wanted him to implement his reforms but he has "forgotten" the real reason he came to power, claimed French reporter Pauline Bock.

    Speaking on BBC Global Questions in Rome, the political commentator argued Emmanuel Macron has forgotten the only reason he won the position of President of France in the last elections is that he run against anti-immigration candidate Marine Le Pen. Ms Bock claimed the French President believes his electorate agreed to his policies but the Yellow Vest movement is proof a lot of people in France do not see things eye-to-eye with him.

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    Here's an older article from the jewish newspaper The Forward in which we learn that jews love Macron because he's a globalist.

    What Macron’s Victory Says About French Jews

    The vast majority of French Jews are celebrating Emmanuel Macron’s first-round victory in the presidential runoff. He is a globalist with a social conscience, a convinced European who will not lock France into a populist straightjacket. French Jews, like most of their compatriots. feared the possible presence of two other candidates in the second round: Jean-Luc Mélenchon of the extreme left pitted against Marine Le Pen of the extreme right. But to assume that such a Jewish fear stemmed from the former’s highly critical stance against Israel and the latter’s inability to shed the ghosts of the Vichy past is to misunderstand the current French political situation.

    Gee, there's a shocker.

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    The yellow vest protesters are intelligent, jew-wise people who understand that jews are responsible for the problems in our society:

    French Authorities Probing Alleged anti-Semitic Incident During Yellow Vest Protests in Paris

    (...) Paris authorities are investigating alleged anti-Semitic comments by Yellow Vest protesters in the city subway toward a woman whose father died at Auschwitz.
    Some protesters in the Yellow Vest movement have expressed extreme or racist views.

    But research into its followers and their online comments has found that the movement as a whole is a broad-based grassroots phenomenon which includes people from broad sectors of society and as no single political bend.

    The Ugly, Illiberal, Anti-Semitic Heart of the Yellow Vest Movement

    (...) The incidents provoked an immediate backlash from the French political class, and a spate of soul-searching articles in left-wing media about what the yellow vests were becoming. They could have saved their shock, because despite the legitimate economic pain and despair that have been highlighted by the protests, anti-Semitism, conspiracy theories, illiberal politics, and violent insurrectionism have been inextricable from the movement practically from its beginning.

    Manifestations of anti-Semitism in the context of ‘yellow jacket’ protest in France

    (...) Results show that French Jews—the largest Jewish community in Europe with a total around 500,000—exhibit the highest level of concern over anti-Semitism (95 percent).

    While the survey was conducted in May and June, an additional anti-Semitic element has come up over the last weeks as a result of the so-called “yellow jacket” social-protest movement against taxes imposed by the French government. The movement has led to extremely violent clashes between protesters and police, especially in the center of Paris.
    Social media networks have also been plagued with anti-Semitic sentiment in the last weeks. An anonymous source wearing a mask claimed, “it was the rich Jews who brought Macron to power so that he would be their puppet, and they are the ones who are pulling the strings. They caused him to nullify taxes on the assets of rich people, and they are responsible for the entire economic situation.”

    France's 'Yellow Vest' protests take an anti-Semitic turn

    Banner hung on main road calls Macron 'whore of the Jews'; Paris synagogues shuttered for first time as spike in emigration inquiries is reported

    French Jews have become a focal point for the "Yellow Vest" protests across France, with an increase in anti-Semitism by demonstrators. In recent days, the Jewish community has reported numerous anti-Semitic videos, graffiti and actual threats appearing in central locations and on social media.

    Last Saturday, the Chabad House on the Champs-Elysées Boulevard temporarily closed its doors for the first time due to safety concerns. The Chabad House issued a message saying that "for the first time, the Chabad House will not open on Shabbat morning; the police do not have the situation under control and today is a very dangerous day."
    A video circulated on the social networks of French musician Stephen Ballet, who lives in Istanbul, inciting protesters to "understand that the real enemy is the Jews." Ballet, an esteemed musician with a racist reputation, last week uploaded a YouTube video which garnered 36,000 views before it was blocked. In the video, Ballet claims that lighting Hanukkah candles in front of the Eiffel Tower "while the French are dying of hunger" is a deliberate provocation by Jews against the French people.,...424971,00.html

    "Macron - whore of the jews"

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    Globalist jew-lackey Macron's police goons brutally assault French citizens who protest against the corrupt, anti-French, jew-controlled government whose policies have been bleeding the people dry:

    UN calls for probe into 'excessive' force by French police at Yellow Vest protests

    The UN human rights chief called Wednesday for a "full investigation" into the possible excessive use of force by French police during the "yellow vest" demonstrations.

    "The 'Gilets Jaunes' (yellow vests) have been protesting what they see as exclusion from economic rights and participation in public affairs," rights chief Michelle Bachelet said in her annual address to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

    "We encourage the government to continue dialogue - including follow-up to the national discussions which are currently underway - and urge full investigation of all reported cases of excessive use of force".

    Yellow vest demonstrations have taken place across France since November. The protests began over fuel taxes but mushroomed into a revolt by people in rural and small-town France against President Emmanuel Macron's policies.

    ‘I'll lose my eye’: Prominent Yellow Vest activist suffers HORRIFIC injury in Paris protests

    A notable figure among the Yellow Vests, Jerome Rodrigues, has suffered a serious eye injury during protests in Paris. The moment when the man was struck by a projectile, likely grenade shrapnel, was caught on video.

    The incident occurred at the Bastille Square in central Paris where chaotic scenes of confrontation between Yellow Vests and law enforcement unfolded on Saturday.

    Rodrigues had been live streaming from the site when a riot control grenade exploded right before him. After the hit, presumably, by shrapnel from the device, the man collapsed on the pavement with onlookers rushing to help him.

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    Bizarrely, Macron is married to a butt-ugly, 65-year-old hag. He met her when he was 15 years old, she was his teacher, and apparently she became so infatuated with him that she left her husband, with whom she had three children.

    FRANCE'S FIRST LADY Who is Brigitte Trogneux? Emmanuel Macron’s wife who first met the French President when he was 15

    (...) Emmanuel Macron, the leader of political party En Marche! and the youngest president in France's history, met his future wife when he was just 15-years-old.

    When Macron hit the limelight, footage of him kissing his future wife on the cheek – when he was a teen and she was his married teacher 25 years his senior - emerged.
    In fact, Macron’s parents were stunned when they learned that Macron was romantically involved with his teacher as they believed their son was actually in love with Laurence, reports Reuters.

    Writer Anne Fulda, who penned book Emmanuel Macron: A Perfect Young Man, spoke to the politician’s parents about the unconventional romance which happened while Brigitte was still married to the father of her three children.
    But the woman who was to eventually become France’s next First Lady told Macron’s parents: “I cannot promise you anything,” when she was told to stay away from the teen, reports Reuters.

    Brigitte last year confirmed to Paris Match magazine that Macron vowed to marry her when he was just 17-years-old.

    Macron was only 15 when he met Brigitte Trogneux, a married teacher at his high school in northern France who had three children. Macron’s parents sent him to Paris to put distance between the teacher who ran the drama club and their precocious son, but their bond lasted, she divorced, and 10 years ago they were married.

    So Macron isn't just a despicable jew-lackey who is willing to sell out his own people; he's also a homewrecker and a pervert who has a granny fetish, and his wife is a sexual predator who used to prey on her young students. Yes, I can see why the jewish media is celebrating this disgraceful, degenerate couple.

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    French Jewish leader blasts politician who called Macron ‘President Rothschild’

    (JTA) — A top representative of French Jewry condemned harshly what he called anti-Semitic rhetoric of a Republican politician who called the republic’s leader “President Rothschild.”

    Francis Kalifat, president of the CRIF umbrella group of French Jewish communities, on Thursday wrote on Twitter that he considered The Republicans’ secretary general Fabien Di Filippo’s comment about President Emmanuel Macron to be “revolting.”
    “Naturally, the expression ‘President Rothschild’ was a reference to the past functions of banker Emmanuel Macron,” Di Filippo wrote, adding Macron was “disconnected from our realities.” His reference to the Jewish banker family “had no other connotation,” he added.

    Everybody understands that the anti-French globalist Macron is a jew-lackey.

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    Here's yet another article in which jews kvetch about "antisemitism" among the yellow vest protesters:

    Anti-Semitism among Yellow Vest protesters demoralizes France’s Jews

    (…) Change “alas did not come” and the march’s “spirit and promise have been betrayed” by another wave of street protesters, he said: the Yellow Vests movement. What started out in the fall as a series of protests against a hike on fuel prices has been mired since in countless instances of violence against police and a substantial amount of anti-Semitic hate speech.

    “Instead of a million people in the street, today we have thousands of homophobes, xenophobes who are anti-republican, anti-journalist and sometimes anti-Semitic. For these demonstrators, it’s as if the bloodbaths never happened,” said Levy, who is scheduled to speak on Feb. 13 at the 92Y Jewish community center in New York about these and other issues.

    Anti-Semitic incidents during protests by Yellow Vests — named for the reflective safety vests they wear — have included signs and slogans describing French President Emmanuel Macron as a “whore of the Jews” and their “puppet.”

    There have been many cases of protesters performing the quasi-Nazi quenelle salute, which was created by the French comic Dieudonne M’bala M’bala. Dieudonne, a Holocaust denier who has been convicted of hate speech against Jews and others, now delivers his weekly hate sermons online on video platforms while wearing a yellow vest.

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    Here's an article from last December in which France's Health Minister Agnès Buzyn kvetches about how "extremists" have taken over the yellow vest protests:

    French health minister says Paris riots unacceptable, extremists hijacking protests

    PARIS, Dec 1 (Reuters) - The violence seen in Paris on Saturday is unacceptable and “yellow vest” protesters must speak out against extremist groups hijacking their legitimate grievances, Health Minister Agnes Buzyn said.

    And yes, Agnès Buzyn is a jewess (and of course her parents were Shlomocaust survivors):

    Buzyn was born to two Holocaust survivors, her father Elie from Polish Lodz, who survived Buchenwald's death march at age 16, and left for British Palestine after World War II. He became an orthopedic surgeon in Paris and married a French Jewish womanès_Buzyn

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    PARIS IN FLAMES: Tensions in France ERUPT- Riot police fire tear gas at furious protestors

    FRENCH riot police clashed with yellow vest protesters for an 18th straight week of anti-government rallies.

    Rioters set fire to a bank and ransacked shops near the up-market Champs-Elysees avenue as France's yellow vest protests against President Emmanuel Macron and his pro-business reforms entered a fourth month. Protesters threw smoke bombs, cobblestones and pounded the windows of a police van, forcing riot police to retreat. Fires were started in nearby streets, with at least one car erupting in flames. The fire department said two people had to be rescued and eleven people suffered minor injuries.

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