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Thread: 5-G revolution for "stuff we can't even imagine ..."

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    5-G revolution for "stuff we can't even imagine ..."

    ... delivered via small cell networks using thousands of low power mini base stations ... much closer together to relay signals.

    "Just imagine downloading a ... movie in under a second and then let your imagination run wild."

    "The truth is, experts can't tell us what 5-G actually is because they don't even know yet."

    [Audio-visual aid here.]
    Start film:

    "If you've ever used a walky-talky, you know that in order to communicate, you have to take turns talking and listening. That's kind of a drag. Today's cellular base stations have that exact same hold-up ... able to do one job at a time -- either transmit or receive."

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    Newt's World interviews with 5G Developers.

    WARNING: Recommended for 20 and younger. May be too graphic for older audiences. No dotards unaccompanied by children.

    Interview with Developers of 5G: "The 4th Industrial Revolution, Part 1."

    The "internet of things" -- autonomous things:

    Kick your shoes off. Relax on the sofa with a cup of warm coffee while you are taken for a tour the 5G "ecosystem".

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    It does sound like it might correct -- finally -- the 20 year-old problem with cell phone voice time lag, that annoying rudeness consequent to two or more people on the phone talking over each other, around each other and through each other, but rarely to each other, and nobody really has a clear idea of what the other person has said because he was talking when he was talking when he was talking.

    This is certainly a miracle from God delivered by angels.

    Who knows, it may reduce freeway road rage and drive-by shootings.

    But I doubt it.

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    Go ahead.
    No, you go.
    No you.
    What were you going to say?
    I forgot.

    (And your mind pounding is only costing you $500 a year to aggrevate you into early senility that the taxpayer will pay for!)

    This problem badly needs a solution, and 5G might be it.
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    The 4th Industrial Revolution - Part 2:

    Must hear. You can bet that Zuckerberg is taking it in.

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    Might explain much about the total insanity of the democrat party: They want to fly in formation with the Chinese because they see the Chinese as soon to be US rulers.

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    Most of us have probably heard of 5G, even if we don’t fully understand what it is. And, if the 200-plus strong group of scientists from nearly forty countries around the world are correct, it might be something that we need to familiarize ourselves with rather quickly. While there have been conspiracy rumors abounding around Internet forums and chat rooms for some time revolving around the distribution of 5G towers and the real reason for their installation being to “control the population”, there are increasingly alarmed voices from the mainstream scientific community that something genuinely could be amiss.

    Geraniums stink.

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    5G won't have towers as we know them. Some of the chilling aspects of 5G are covered in the links above. Especially see Episode 7 of Newt's World: The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Part 2, Here.

    Probably very important to know or at least be aware. I doubt anyone will be able to "opt out", but it's probably a bit exaggerated.
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