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Thread: Jews refuse to report jewish pedophiles to the (non-jewish) police

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    Jews refuse to report jewish pedophiles to the (non-jewish) police

    Sexual abuse of children, especially little boys, is rampant in the jewish communities around the world: in America, in Europe, in Israel, even in "exotic" countries like Guatemala, and it's probably largely due to the fact that jews are prohibited from reporting their fellow jews to the non-jewish authorities.

    This prohibition is called mesirah, and amazingly it has been used to protect jewish pedophiles, which we can read about in the following articles from various jewish newspapers/news sites:

    Parents ignore child abuse at rabbi's advice

    The Jerusalem Police recently revealed a stunning conspiracy of silence involving the sexual abuse of two children, ages four and nine, by a male relative. The investigation also revealed that the children's parents, their rabbi and their neighbors were all aware of the abuse, but chose to keep quiet.,...667308,00.html

    Rabbis' Addictions Coming To Light

    (…) "Kids are molested continually," said Rabbi Benzion Twerski, a psychotherapist in private practice in Brooklyn's haredi community. (…) "The perpetrators are more often than not faculty. When these things happen, they get shushed up real quick and the rebbe or faculty member gets moved around to different jobs. They get shuffled around, not moved out of town, because people think it will go away," he said. "The majority of cases get swept under the rug.

    After Molestation Accusation, Dutch Jewish School Adopts Unusual Response

    (…) After the Paris indictment, the Council of European Rabbis, in which Jacobs plays a prominent role, issued a strongly worded statement instructing Jewish schools to “stop covering up sexual abuses and go to police immediately.” The statement was seen as rejecting the applicability to sex abuse cases of the religious concept of mesirah, a traditional prohibition on reporting fellow Jews to secular authorities.

    According to The Times of Israel and a Channel 4 investigation, the concept of mesirah was used by a Haredi leader to protect community members investigated for child molestation from police investigation.[12][13] (…) The principle of mesirah has also been used to dissuade Jewish auditors from reporting other Jews to the IRS for tax fraud.[14]

    This is just a fraction of the articles that deal with child molestation that is covered up by jewish leaders. My questions for you are: is it right or wrong of these rabbis to encourage or even force victims of child abuse to keep quiet? If you think that it's wrong, how should it be combatted? All opinions are welcome.

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    In the following article from Vice magazine, rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg reveals that jewish religious leaders regularly sodomize little boys in bathhouses:

    The Child-Rape Assembly Line

    Meeting the Rabbi who's been ostracised for sounding the alarm on child rape. (…) On his lap, facing away from him, is a boy, maybe seven years old. And the old man is having anal sex with this boy.” (…) In Ritual Bathhouses of the Jewish Orthodoxy, Children Are Systematically Abused (…) Rabbi Rosenberg believes around half of young males in Brooklyn’s Hasidic community – the largest in the United States and one of the largest in the world – have been victims of sexual assault perpetrated by their elders.

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    Here's yet another article that shows how jewish leaders protect jewish child molesters, and intimidate and ostracize the victims:

    Judge: Orthodox Protect Abusers, Not Victims

    Speaking from the bench the day after Yom Kippur at the sentencing of Yona Weinberg, who received a 13-month jail term, Reichbach said he found it “troubling” that the community “seeks to blame, indeed punish victims who seek justice from the ... civil society,” according to a court transcript. He went on to add that the Orthodox community’s religious courts are “inappropriate” and “incapable” of dealing with criminal matters.

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    Here's a news story from 2017.

    An obese pervert was seen masturbating at a kids movie in New Jersey. At first, nobody knew who the sicko was, but people noticed that he looked like an orthodox jew:

    Police seek man seen masturbating during ‘Emoji Movie’

    Suspect in New Jersey movie theater matches description of ultra-Orthodox man

    X-rated act at ‘Emoji Movie’ — Man touched himself in NJ theater, witnesses say

    Witnesses described the man as being a “heavy set white male” in his 20s or 30s. He was wearing a white dress shirt and black pants. Howell police said the man was also wearing a yarmulke and had either a goatee or a beard.

    Then they caught him, and it turned out that everybody was right – he is indeed a jew:

    Creep caught 'masturbating at kids film the Emoji Movie' is charged with lewdness

    Abraham Parnes, 43, has been charged with lewdness after a mom reported he was masturbating at a kids movie

    Parnes was spotted allegedly touching himself by a mother who was seeing the film with her children, Antunez said. She informed the manager of what was going on and Parnes was kicked out. Police were called shortly thereafter.

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    Jews who were born and/or raised in Western countries often commit serious crimes, like murder and child-rape, and then flee to Israel where they live a long and comfortable life because the Israeli authorities refuse to extradite them. Here’s one of many examples:

    Mondrowitz has been living in Israel since skipping out on the New York warrants almost thirty years ago. (…) In 1985, Mondrowitz was indicted, in absentia, on four counts of sodomy and eight counts of sexual abuse in the first degree against four Italian-American boys, ages 11 to 16,

    That's right, folks. This American rabbi sodomized a bunch of little boys – non-jewish boys, I might add – and then simply fled to Israel where he has been living for several decades. Absolutely disgraceful.

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