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Thread: Prominent jewish anti-gun activist says that white people are the enemy, insults them

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    Schumer is the poster boy of bigotry in this area of deceitful politics and flat out lying.
    You do not answer to God. You answer to men who answer to AI.

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    Here are some articles about lots of influential jewish religious and political leaders who push for gun control in the US:

    Reform, Conservative rabbis: Step up gun control

    “Our tradition teaches: ‘Do not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor’ (Leviticus 19:16),” said a statement Aug. 16 issued by Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, the executive vice president of the Conservative movement’s Rabbinical Assembly. “As people of faith, the Rabbinical Assembly unequivocally calls upon lawmakers to take all available measures, to ensure the safety of the public to limit the availability of guns and the permissibility of their concealment.”

    Jewish American Rabbis Join Gun Control Call

    Leaders from the Reform, Conservative and Orthodox communities speak out; ‘Our worship of guns is a form of idolatry,’ says Rabbi David Saperstein.

    Gun Violence Is a Moral Problem

    By Rabbi Menachem Creditor

    As a rabbi, I cry at the erasure of so much life. I have organized for, marched with, and amplified Everytown for Gun Safety, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Americans for Responsible Solutions, and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. And yet, as a rabbi, I am enraged not at guns but at the casual violence afflicting our country, and the way we have grown immune to it. I do not accept the NRA’s claim that “guns are not the problem,” (…) My claim is that my fellow faith leaders can bridge the divide between gun owners and gun reform advocates. This is a moral crisis, and it requires a moral response.

    Two Rabbis Fight For Gun Control From Pulpit — and the Heart

    The Newtown shooting ignited a wave of activism in the organized Jewish community, placing Jewish communal groups at the forefront of the battle for legislation that would limit the types of guns and ammunition sold to the public and mandate background checks of all gun buyers.

    In the wake of Orlando, rabbis call for action, not prayer, against gun violence

    “I’m done composing prayers,” said the spiritual leader of Congregation Netivot Shalom in a late Monday night conversation after the end of Shavuot. Instead, he’s gearing up for a battle against the National Rifle Association, a 5 million-member nonprofit organization that advocates for gun rights. (…) Since its launch in January, Rabbis Against Gun Violence has grown to 1,100 members, some 850 of whom are American rabbis.

    Rabbis preach gun control in nations capital

    He said the nine rabbis will soon publish a book to be titled “Peace in Your Cities: Rabbis Against Gun Violence.”

    Rabbi Pursues Gun Control as His Moral Cause

    Specifically, as a leader of the faith-based coalition New Jersey Together, he was propounding its proposal that local mayors, gun retailers, firearms manufacturers and large buyers like the military sign a “covenant” of gun overhaul measures. Among its 30 points, the covenant called for voluntary limits on selling certain types of weapons and large-capacity magazines, sale of guns only through federally licensed dealers and mandatory safety classes for buyers. (Because the covenant was just announced on April 14, the process of getting signatures has not begun.)

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