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Thread: Hillary Clinton = the 21st century Thomas Dewey?

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    Hillary Clinton = the 21st century Thomas Dewey?

    Thomas Dewey, a left-wing Republican, was a forced candidate for president. He was the type of Republican Barry Goldwater was referring to whenever he used the term "me-too Republicans". All he is known for is losing two elections.

    In 1944, the Republican establishment hand picked him to run against Franklin Roosevelt. His platform was nearly identical to Roosevelt's. He lost.

    In 1948, he ran against Truman. The media acted like it wasn't even a serious election and Dewey was going to win in a landslide. Truman and Trump both had a similar erratic off-the-cuff manner of speaking. Like Clinton, Dewey was a horrible and boring campaigner and thought it was his "turn" to become president. The deck was stacked against Truman and Trump because there were about 50 different third party candidates taking votes from them and none taking votes from Dewey and Clinton. Despite this, Dewey still lost. He lost in a similar fashion, but Clinton had an easier task than Dewey did. Dewey was facing an incumbent president, while Clinton was facing an inexperienced overweight man with a Flock of Seagulls hairdo.

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