Gone like a confederate statue ...

For nearly 50 years, Ted Turner and the Turner brand have been integral parts of the landscape of Atlanta and the nationís media industry. But thatís changing in the wake of the finalization of the AT&T-Time Warner merger, as a WarnerMedia spokesman confirmed to NBC News that the Turner brand will likely soon be retired.

ďWith the new structure, we no longer need that brand,Ē the spokesman explained. ďThe Turner name isnít as meaningful.Ē
What would Zukabug do? Stay tuned because inevitably you're going to find out.

Think about it:
ATT, the largest telecom company and arguably the most ravenous corporation on the planet that has had to be broken up severally because it's penchant for eating everything in sight.
Time, the global media colossus.
Warner, the largest name in entertainment.
Ted Turner, cable industry and news pioneer, no longer meaningful, swallowed up and spit out like fish bones, then erased from corporate memory.

The natural progression of Reaganomics, with fewer and fewer choices on tap for all.