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Thread: The Mysterious Shell Grotto of Margate

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    The Mysterious Shell Grotto of Margate

    Nestled along the scenic coastline of Thanet, on the far eastern tip of Kent, England, is the historic seaside town of Margate. Such is the breathtaking scenery here that the town has a long history as a seaside tourist resort, with visitors coming here since the 1800s to enjoy the beaches, the seaside caves, and the town’s famous “bathing machines,” and in the 1900s the Dreamland Amusement Park was opened, sporting the second oldest roller coaster in the world, opened to the public in 1920. Yet for years underneath the throngs of sea loving tourists there lurked a secret here, and no one was aware that beneath their feet was a mysterious sprawling complex made almost entirely of shells, which has remained an enigmatic location that has eluded understanding all the way to the present.

    In 1835, a local farmer named James Newlove and his son, Joshua, were working on digging a new duck pond when they made quite a curious accidental find. At one point they broke through the ground to reveal an opening to the deep dark unknown below, an entrance into some mysterious underground realm. After fetching a light source, Joshua was lowered down into the opening to find that it was in fact a cave, but this was no ordinary cave. There in the flickering light of the torch were millions upon millions of shells arranged in ornate designs and images, completely coating the walls all the way down the passages that led into the gloom past the reach of the light.

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